WWE SuperStar Shake up


With WrestleMania 33 now in the books, WWE is not giving any rest to the weary, as just 8 days after WrestleMania, we are treated to a “superstar shake up”.

The superstar shake up took place the week of April 10th, and below you will find a list of who went to where.

The Raw Brand

The superstars who moved to raw were:

  • Bray Wyatt
  • The Miz and Maryse
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Mickie James
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Curt Hawkins
  • Apollo Crews
  • Kalisto
  • Heath Slater & Rhyno.

SDL Brand

The superstars who left the flag ship show to represent for the blue brand were:

  • Kevin Owens
  • Sami Zayn
  • Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)
  • Jinder Mahal
  • Tamina (she was injured and returned to TV this week)
  • Charlotte Flair
  • Sin Cara
  • Rusev & Lana
  • The New Day (Big E, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston)

Thoughts about the superstar shake up

The thought behind the superstar shake up is to present new match ups for the viewers; however, after viewing the above list from both shows, what “new” matchup/feuds could the viewers be in store for? Without diagnosing the entire shake up, let’s cover just a few options from the above lists.

Bray Wyatt made an appearance after the Fin Balor match and Wyatt told Balor to watch himself because he’s going to be watching him. Now, personally me as a fan that would be a feud I can get invested in as both wrestlers have similar characters. But with this feud who would it benefit or elevate, as Bray is established and Fin is just starting his full time run on the main roster after being injured last summer.

The Miz and Maryse without a shadow of a doubt within the last 12 months, The Miz has turned it up several notches, especially after being joined on screen by his real wife MarySe. At the start of raw, The Miz and Maryse both made their entrance and was interrupted by Dean Ambros, which lead me to think that there was going to be a feud between the two, which if it did, the finger of shame would’ve been waved directly at creative as that feud has been done on SDL. It’ll be interesting to see what the first feud is for The Miz and Maryse, though.

As previously stated, Dean Ambros made his debut/return on raw by interrupting The Miz and Maryse but ended up main eventing Raw vs Kevin Owens, which at first I thought there is the start of a feud between the two, but Owens ended up moving to SDL. The interesting factoid here is that Dean is on the same show as his former shield buddies, so will the shield be reunited, or will they continue to go their separate ways.

The women’s division had a couple of new faces show up to raw in the form of Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. although Mickie James has been there before, but since her return to the WWE earlier this year, this is the first time she’s appeared on Raw. Out of the women who are on the red brand, Mickie James vs Nia Jax would be a fantastic match up.

Looking at the SDL brand, speaking of Nia Jax I was disappointed when Charlotte Flair was moved to SDL after watching the match vs Nia Jax, as that could’ve been a good feud and help Facilitate a baby face turn for Charlotte Flair; however, after writing that thought I just remembered when she was a baby face last go around, she was always crying so never mind. Lana is also on SDL, as we noted above and it’ll be interesting to see if she will be an active wrestler, or still continue to accompany Rusev. The shining stars made their debut on SDL by attacking American Alpha which tells me that the new day will be coming after the tag titles next.

These are just a few thoughts concerning the superstar shake up. After looking at the possible feuds that might occur, which sound promising to be entertaining; however, the issue with the brand split in my opinion is the depth of each roster. For example, look at how many times we witnessed Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair last year. I understand WWE tells stories, and they love the slow burn, but variety is also wonderful.

Author: Killa K

I watch wrestling to suspend belief and to get my mind off of real life stuff. No matter how terrible the product can get, I'm loyal to a fault. I've always been a WWF/E guy and my favorite wrestler of all time is the undertaker.