SmackDown Live show results for February 6th, 2018


SDLive Match Results

  • Charlotte Flair def Liv Morgan
  • The Bludgeon brothers def jobbers
  • Bobby Rood def Rusev to retain his United States Championship
  • Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable def The Ascension
  • Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens no contest due to interference from AJ Styles
    • Final Thoughts

      For this week’s episode of #SDLive, I will give it a 7.

      Let me start off with this ranking list of sort voted on by the superstars, my only question is what the heck is the point of the list?

      If you didn’t catch the list here it is.

      1. AJ Styles
      2. Charlotte Flair
      3. Shinsuke Nakamura
      4. Naomi
      5. Bobby Roode
      6. The New Day
      7. The Usos
      8. Becky Lynch
      9. Randy Orton
      10. Tye Dillinger

      I appreciated the continuity with story lines for example, after last week’s beatdown on Charlotte Flair. This week Charlotte was able to extract a small bit of revenge by gaining a victory over Liv Morgan. In my opinion, it’ll culminate with a match between Charlotte Flair and ruby-riott where the title will not change hands, as the rumored match is Charlotte vs Asuka at #WrestleMania.

      With both tag team matches this week on #SDLive, I’m enjoying the slow burn/build up between the Uso’s and the Bludgeon Brothers. Right now, both teams are just having staring contests, but no rush there toward physicality as the #FastLane PPV is over a month away. As far as the other tag match went, well…

      I was surprised to see that Bobby Rood retained the United States title. Yes, I get it that he just won the darn title and it would be foolish to take the title off of him this soon, but with Rusev day being so over I thought the E was going to have the title change hands. However, with Randy orton coming out and RKOing everyone and their mother that brought a new twist. Who will he face off against? He’s had a dud of a feud with Rusev already, gave English a cup of coffee on TV, but never rassled Bobby rood, however. I don’t listen to dirt sheets, as I don’t have time, so maybe it’s leading to a triple threat at #FastLane, which I hope not because there will already be a triple threat on that PPV which I will discuss next.

      I will be honest, when they were building up the match all night between Owens and Zayne, I thought back to the finger of doom with Hogan and Nash, and I thought Zayn was going to do the honors for Kevin, but I was wrong. They had a good match, with believable near falls, but I should’ve known when Styles was out there, it wasn’t going to end in a clean fashion. It ended up going to a no contest due to Styles losing his cool on Sami Zayn, and Daniel Bryan came out to make the triple threat for #Backlash.

      So… obviously Styles will retain but what will the story be with the two besties? Please don’t tell me they will fight each other at #WrestleMania. We already know the main event on the #SDLive side for #WrestleMania and there is no way, the E will make it a 4-way, or triple threat match for the title at #WrestleMania.

      Even though there was no clear winner between Kevin and Zayn, I really enjoyed that match, the insert of Randy into the Rusev and Bobby Rood feud was interesting, and I just thought the show flowed well this week which is why I rated it a 7.

      The only gripe I had was the lack of women on the show. I get it that Nayomi rassled earlier for the mix-match challenge, but what about a follow up with Carmella? I mean she failed cashing in the contract in a way, why not have her come out and complain about that. Also, this is the second week now where Becky Lynch was not on the show. I hope this year will be a better year for her.

      This concludes my thoughts on this week’s #SDLive. If you’d like to contact me, you may do so by Click here to send me an email!, or you can Follow TheRasslinCafe on twitter.