SmackDown Live match Results for February 27th, 2018


This week on Smackdown Live, the main event at fastlane was changed.

Smackdown Live match results

  • Baron Corbin def Sammi Zayn
  • Ruby Riot def Naomi
  • Shinsuke Nakamura def Aiden English
  • John Cena def AJ Styles to earn an entry into the main event at Fastlane

Final thoughts

We are just over one-week away from Smackdown Live’s PPV, Fastlane. This week on Smackdown Live, the shocker was John Cena defeating AJ Styles which earned him a spot in the main event.

Good lord, does the E love multi-men matches? We just saw a seven men match just two-days ago. Are we lacking star power? Do they not have faith in Dolph Ziggler, and the rest of the competitors in the match?

Yes, I get it, it’s all a part of the story. John Cena is looking to earn his way into WrestleMania and by winning the WWE championship, it will earn him a spot on the card, but spoiler alert, John isn’t winning.

Just like I said during the raw results, the undertaker will accept the match a couple of weeks before WrestleMania. However, it is being reported that Rey Mysterio was backstage tonight at SmackDownLive ironing out details for WrestleMania and the possible match might be John Cena vs Rey Mysterio. I don’t think they have ever wrestled, so that’ll be a treat.

As far as the rest of the show tonight, the matches tonight were simply to continue the build toward the PPV. This week, it was Dolph Ziggler’s chance to have the spotlight on him, so us fans at home will be like, Dolph will win!

After a few weeks absence, I was surprised to see Shinsuke Nakamura on this week’s episode of SmackDownLive. It’s like the creative team remembered that he is a part of the WrestleMania main event.

It was interesting to see the Bludgeon Brother’s confront both The New Day and the Uso’s in the ring, which tells me at Mania, there will be a triple threat tag match for the championship.

The women’s match I was excited to see this week, but after watching the match, I felt let down. It just seems that they were going through the motions simply to get to the PPV.

I’m giving the blue brand a 5 this week. There were to many promos and backstage activity for my liking. Are we sure that Raw’s creative team isn’t writing for SmackDownLive?

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