SmackDown Live match results for February 13th, 2018


The blue brand marches onto Fastlane.

SDLive match results

  • Charlotte Flair def Sarah Logan
  • Baron Corbin def Kevin Owens
  • Kofi Kingston and Big-E def Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin
  • Dolph Ziggler def Sami Zayn

Final Thoughts

Phew, #SDLive was definitely a weird one to watch this week, as it seems the show was dominated by heels.

First off, Dolph Ziggler all of a sudden reappears on television and is inserted into the WWE title picture at #FastLane? The last time we saw Ziggler on TV was at the #RoyalRumble, and before that December when he left the title in the middle of the ring. My initial reaction as to why Ziggler was inserted was Vince probably wanted to swerve the WWE Universe as there were spoilers out about a 3-way title match between Ziggler, Rood and Corbin. Whatever the reason behind the change might be, there is only one thing that is for sure and that is the E loves their multi-man matches. Look at #Raw with their 7-way match at the Elimination chamber, and now we have a 4-way match at #FastLane.

The women’s match this week was nothing less but predictable, as I said in the previous SDLive results write up that the end goal is Charlotte vs Ruby Riott. As of this writing, next week on SDLive the Riott Squad will face Naomi, Becky Lynch and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. I will call it now, Ruby Riott will score a pin on Charlotte Flair to make her the new number 1 contender.

It was nice to see that the Uso’s and the Bludgeon brothers are no longer having staring contests, we are getting closer to physical contact…

As I understand it, there are rumors that Bobby Rood will defend his US title at #FastLane against Randy orton, as it makes no sense to me if that were to happen. Randy Orton is a 2,448-time champion. I mean it’s not like Bobby Rood needs to be put over? That segment between Bobby Rood, Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal though suggests there might be a triple threat match at #FastLane.

In closing, I would have to give this week’s SDLive a 7.5. I enjoyed both matches between Sami Zayn vs Ziggler and the women’s match served its purpose. I could’ve done without the new day tag match and the US open challenge promo fest though.

If you were to ask me, between #FastLane and #EliminationChamber, I’m looking forward more to the latter and not the former. Yes, I’m a raw sheep. This concludes my SDLive write up for this week. If you’d like to contact me, my info is below.

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