Money-in-the-Bank Thoughts


With #MoneyInTheBank just a few days removed for the blue brand, I thought it would be a good time to post a blog concerning my thoughts over the PPV.

I’m sure there is nothing different you will read here that you haven’t heard anywhere else on the world-wide-web concerning the overall presentation, but as for me, I will say I enjoyed it even though it was predictable concerning the outcome of the matches.

First off, the best match of the night for me was the main event which saw Baron Corbin retrieve the briefcase by climbing the ladder and making himself famous. Now, as Big Southern and myself discussed in a previous podcast, we figured Baron Corbin would win since the remaining wrestlers were going to be involved in feuds in one combination or another soon. However, the episode of SDLive after the PPV, those feuds we predicted might seem a little off, so let me begin with Sami Zayn.

For the time being, I see Sami Zayn involved in a mini-feud with the MITB winner Baron Corbin until it’s time for him to cash in, and with #battleground coming up, I predict the feud to culminate. Then Corbin can continue teasing a cash in and then out of nowhere, or when us fans least expect it, he will cash in. I’m predicting SummerSlam.

Dolph Ziggler, the only wrestler to win a money in the bank match who was involved in the match, I don’t see much out of him after this PPV. It may seem he is involved in a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, but it’s just time for him to kill until his program with Kevin Owens where he will win his first title.

Speaking of Kevin Owens, we saw on this week’s episode of SDLive that the face of America has started an open challenge for the US title, which was answered by Chad Gable. Kevin Owens defeated Chad Gable but that made me scratch my head and wondered if the American Alpha is no more. With the involvement of AJ Styles, it makes you wonder if that program will continue between the two, and if so, what a major demotion as both were once world champions. The rumor in the street is that the open challenge will end up being answered by Chris Jericho, but let’s see.

Earlier I mentioned Shinsuke Nakamura involved in a transitional/mini feud with Dolph Ziggler, but just like with Owens earlier, he also is keeping busy and the E are keeping the 2 apart until SummerSlam where Shinsuke Nakamura will win the US title. So, in short, Chris Jericho nor AJ Styles will win the US title so get over it, stupid idiots.

Speaking of time to kill, Naomi will battle Lana again on the June 27th episode of #SdLive and I believe she will not lose the title as the money is on the winner of the women’s MITB match, which will also take place on the same episode.

Speaking of which, the reason why this match is happening again as everyone might know is due to the way it ended originally with James Ellsworth retrieving the briefcase and tossing it down to Carmella. With this match coming up, it’s important to note that James Ellsworth will be banned from ringside.

Even with James Ellsworth banned from ringside, I still see Carmella winning it and at battleground it’ll be Carmella cashing on the champion Naomi.

As far as for the remaining women, I’m not sure of the direction, so I’ll just guess that somewhere down the line, Charlotte woooo Flair will do battle with Becky Lynch. I’m unsure of how that feud will begin, but we might see something at the MITB rematch that might suggest a feud between the two. After all, they are best friends in real life, so they can possibly put on a fantastic match. As far as the others, maybe Natalya will start farting backstage again…

The tag match in short, the new day will win the titles at SummerSlam so be prepared for a long program between the two teams. As far as Breezango and The Ascension, These two teams will continue to be stuck in midcard tag team purgatory.

Those are my quick thoughts concerning the PPV Money-in-The-Bank and where I see things going, but just as I noted to my co-host BigSouthern, I’ve struck out numerous times as it relates to their direction. Either way, I’m a WWE sheep and no matter how bad or predictable the product can be, I’ll continue to watch until I cannot afford cable no more.

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