Meet The Rasslin Café team


Hello, I’m KillaK and I’m the owner of this website.

I’ve been a wrestling fan since 1990. My favorite all time character is the Undertaker. I’d must admit that it was real to me dammit back in 1990 until I was about 16 or so.

It was around the age of 16 is when I began wondering how these men and women who were wrestling in their underwear perform and have it be fake. Seriously, when people would get smacked by chairs, set on fire, etc. I always felt terrible for the athlete and for their families. One night I was watching raw, and someone walked by, stopped to view what I was watching and said, “That is so fake, he jumped and did a flip.” He was referring to the Undertaker performing a choke slam on someone.

As years gone by, I smartened up about the business and developed an appreciation for what the men and women do on a weekly basis to entertain fans such as myself. However, that doesn’t stop me from being critical toward the product or creative team when necessary. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking a hammer to my tv and unleashing holy hell on it or anything of that sort. I just asks questions and scratch my head, or present ideas of how I would’ve done it.

I’ve always been a wwf/e guy, but I did watch WCW off an on in the early 90’s but became a regular viewer after the outsiders made their presence known. My viewing stopped around 1999 as WCW became extremely boring to me as the NWO storyline just went way beyond comprehension

There were other wrestling promotions out there after WCW closed its doors in 2001, but Vince had me bought and I’ve been a loyal sheep since then. I don’t watch ROH or New Japan, as I don’t know what channel the shows are on, and Impact Wrestling or whatever they are called, forget it.

So, come join me on htpp://, or @TheRasslinCafe and let’s talk rasslin! I would also love to have you join us on our podcast that we release monthly. Use apple podcast, google play, tuninradio or stitcher to listen to the podcast. Thank you for reading.

Big Southern

First of all, thank you all for being a part of The Rasslin Cafe. I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to wrestling
at an early age. My uncles were the ones who got me interested. The funny thin is, I am pretty much the only person left in my family who still watches
wrestling. I was a big fan of NWA, WCW, WCCW, ECW, AWA,WWF/WWE. Still a big fan of WWE, ROH/Ring of Honor, NJPW/New Japan Pro Wrestling, and others. I
will always be a wrestling fan. I love talking wrestling. It’s like my second language.