John Cena vs Roman Reigns


I’ve been a fan of Wrestling since 1990. In saying that I will not claim to be an expert, have backstage news to wow the public, or anything of that nature.

I watch wrestling to escape from life by suspending belief for 5-hours a week by watching both Raw and SDLive.

Even though the product has been tepid lately, I continue to watch, as it’s me simply supporting the entertainers on my screen who attempt to entertain me on a weekly basis.

With entertainment, I’m very picky. For example, comedy I’m not into childish sophomoric antics such as the show Jacks or Beavis and Butt-head. I’m not into a show such as friends where we have middle-age adults acting like high schoolers, but I do like wrestling.

Now why would I like wrestling where we have adults dressed in attire, pretending to hit each other, and produce ridiculous story lines for example a man having sex with a dead corpse.

Just with any other show on TV, you will have your terrible story lines, and bad characters, I’m sure every episode of friends wasn’t the greatest, but you kept watching, because you are loyal and waiting for the unthinkable to occur and that is Rachael and Ross living happily ever after. If you are a new fan to the show friends, spoiler alert, you will need to wait 10 seasons.

Now what the hell does the show friends must do with a wrestling blog you may ask? It’s simple, for 10 seasons you are taken on a ride filled with ups and downs, different combinations of the characters matched up to simply entertain you for example, Rachael and Joey paired up as an item. Now did that please you as a viewer, as a fan? It’s the same idea here with wrestling. Not all match ups in the squared circle was entertaining.

My blog series is called Seconds please, and the match I will discuss today will be a match I normally wouldn’t want to see again, after what I’ve endured since 2014, unless circumstances were different.

John Cena VS Roman Reigns

The match took place on September 24th, 2017 at No Mercy. The match was considered the proverbial passing of the torch from John Cena to Roman Reigns. After enduring John Cena on my television screen for over 12 years and Roman Reigns heavily pushed since 2014, I was not all to excited to see the match but it indeed was intriguing to me as I wanted to see how it was going to be booked. Who was going to go over, and who was going to be the baby face and the heel.

I’d venture to say that it was right down the middle as it pertains to the reaction from the audience but with a slight nod to John Cena, and I think it was due to his long Gevity. I mean if you were to ask me, overall, I think most of wrestling fans could give two shits about John Cena or Roman Reigns. I’m not one of them, though.

With both characters, it’s all on how they were casted, John Cena with his poop jokes and Roman Reigns trying to speak like Daffy Duck? Now these are the athletes who are supposed to represent the company. One out of the two is supposed to lead the company after John Cena hangs it up?

Fortunately for me during the buildup, none of the above occurred as hard-hitting bars between the two were traded and all we had left was to hopefully have a great presentation at No Mercy.

In my opinion, the match was evenly booked, as the creative suits and ties, ahem, Vince doesn’t want both of his high-profile stars to look inferior from one another. Typical match if you have been watching the E for as long as I have where the new dog tries to take out the old dog, and the old dog throws every trick at the new dog including hitting his finisher multiple times, but he will just not stay down. In the end, the hand of Roman Reigns was raised, which answered my question about who was going to go over, which I should’ve known as he is younger, but with the machine protecting John Cena over the years, along with Roman Reigns, it was a tough call for me.

Earlier, I stated this wasn’t a match I would normally wouldn’t want to see, unless circumstances were different, but the reason why it’s here as a request for seconds please is because I would love to see a sequel where one is the clear heel, and the other was a clear baby face, as I stated earlier, the response was right down the middle for both wrestlers. I know, there is no such thing as a baby face or a heel now but still it would’ve been nice to see some aggression from one or the other, other than just behind the scene shots from one to the other, but sadly enough with John Cena on his way out in the near future, I don’t see a rematch between the two.