FastLane Results March 11th, 2018


FastLane results. Who won the six-pack challenge?

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to my readers for not posting SmackDownLive results earlier this week. I’m a single dad raising 3 daughters, and shit hit the fan this week. Now on with the show results along with my thoughts.

FastLane match results

  • Nakamura def Rusev
  • Randy Orton def Bobby Roode
  • Natalya and Carmella def Becky Lynch and Naomi
  • The New day vs The Usos ends in a no contest
  • Charlotte Flair def Ruby Riott to retain her women’s championship
  • WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge: AJ Styles def John Cena, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to retain the WWE championship

Final thoughts

As we turn the corner on the road to wrestlemania, after Fastlane, the card seem set in stone, but before I get there, let’s briefly discuss the ppv put on by the blue brand.

Overall, I found the PPV to be predictable, similar to the elimination chamber last month put on by the raw brand.

It was smart to have Shinsuke Nakamura in the opening match, as he is one of the more popular wrestlers along with his opponent tonight, Rusev. However, with only a six-day build, I was not into the match and it was clear who was going to win, as they needed to show case the challenger and give him momentum going into mania.

Randy orton winning the United States championship was a head scratcher, borderline ridiculous if you ask me, as the only reason why he was awarded the title was to make him the latest grand-slam winner. Roman Reigns was the previous one. Isn’t it a crime though as Orton has been there much longer and Roman wins all of the titles before Randy. I see a triple threat at mania, due to Jinder Mahal’s interaction with the other two after the match. Interestingly enough, last year at wrestle mania, Randy won the WWE championship from Bray Wyatt, and this year he walks in as United States Champion. As for Bray, well…

The women’s tag match between Natalya and Carmella vs Becky Lynch and Naomi, sorry but yawn. My reaction is similar to the first match. No build up, except for six-days.

The tag team match between the Usos and The New Day, in my head I thought that the Bludgeon Brothers would bumrush both teams but I thought that to be too cheap of a finish so the E will not go for that finish. I was wrong. It looks like a triple threat will occur at mania for the tag team championships.

Ruby Riott not winning the women’s championship was a given, much less all of the matches tonight but the money and rumor was on Charlotte defending the title against Asuka, which Asuka did appear after the match, pointed at the sign and the match is now on. I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to that match. New champion Asuka.

The six-pack challenge was entertaining. The creative team gave each member of the match a chance to shine but nowhere during the match where I thought Styles was losing, but nice try…

I must say that this PPV was underwhelming, after watching it, I would have to give it a 5. There were two matches that needed more of a build, and one the result made no sense, which was the US title match result.

I do not like matches on a PPV ending in a no contest and is best suited for TV. Call me old school, but matches on PPV should be the end of a feud, instead of continuing a story line.

I don’t have much to say about the main event, except after thinking about it, the story coming out of it is John Cena and his road to wrestle mania and has it ended? Is he not in mania? We all know the answer and I think creative drop the ball with this story line. It’s just as bad as the firing angle with Cena several years back.

This concludes my final thoughts for the PPV, if you’d like to contact me just
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