Thoughts on Extreme Rules 2017


The Extreme Rules PPV has come and gone, and in my opinion left a funky taste in my mouth.

After the PPV, I hopped onto social media and the opinions from the readers I’ve observed seem to shit all over Extreme Rules. One in particular stated Vince and the E are way to predictable and the reason why they are is due to know competition.

In our Extreme Rules preview podcast yours truly made a comment that there are no longer any holy shit moments, and how everything lately with the E has been predictable and I’m becoming bored.

The Extreme Rules PPV was no exception to the rule as it did not excite me going into it, and the only match I was remotely interested in was the main event. That was the best card on the match, if you were to ask me.

Twenty-four-hours removed from the PPV, I can honestly say I don’t remember much, and I hate feeling that way as it’s not the performers fault, it’s creative. Also, I blame Captain Morgan spice rum as well to why I don’t remember much.

The raw brand has a ppv July 9th, named the great balls of fire, and after last night the main event has been set. I originally went for Finn Bálor to win but instead the E ran with Samoa Joe. I’m not disappointed as that will be a great match up. I wonder how they will protect Samoa Joe, as I do not see him being pinned cleanly. I’m calling it now, Seth will cost Joe the match and the feud will conclude at summer slam.

The next ppv we have coming up is the SD Live PPV named money in the bank in about two weeks. Let’s hope the SD Live brand will deliver.