Elimination chamber 2018 match results


Elimination Chamber match results

  • Alexa Bliss retains her Women’s championship by pinning Sasha Banks in the first ever women’s elimination Chamber match
  • The bar def Apollo and Titus to retain their raw tag team championship
  • Asuka def Nia Jax
  • Matt Hardy def Bray Wyatt
  • Roman Reigns win’s the men’s elimination chamber

Final Thoughts

I give the 2018 #EliminationChamber a 7 out of 10.

The PPV was a two-match show, which were both #EliminationChamber matches won by Alexa Bliss and Roman Reigns respectively.

With the beat down by Braun Strowman after the men’s elimination chamber match, it is suggested that the match at WrestleMania might be a 3-way. Let’s see how it plays out with Raw.

I enjoyed the stories in the women’s elimination chamber, as absolution dominated Bayley, Sasha clocked Bayley toward the end of the match, which could be viewed as payback from the Royal Rumble and Alexa retaining was a no brainer. The match between Asuka and Nia Jax, as it was my first time viewing the two squaring off. I just saw their match, on youtube that they had on NXT, just a few minutes though but tonight I thought they did well.

The Ronda Rousey contract segment was entertaining but Ronda Rousey needs to work on her promo skills. Did she ever talk to Piper about how to deliver a good promo? I’m sure she was nervous, so I will not Barry her to much. Kurt Angle for some reason sounded like a little snitch to me, and just made me roll my eyes. I get it, they were setting up a match for WrestleMania, but it could’ve been set up a tad bit better. Ronda Rousey putting Triple H through a table was surprising, which she is now 2 and 0 in getting the upper-hand on the game. Stephanie McMahon slapping Ronda Rousey was a good start to this feud that will culminate at WrestleMania where it’ll be Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Elsewhere on the card, the tag team championship match did nothing for me. It seemed like a Raw televise match, along with the Bray Wyatt match. This entire woken character at least to me doesn’t seem like it’s booming like it was in TNA. It just goes to show that smaller crowds are easier to please. I was excited about this feud when Matt was in TNA, but for some reason it’s not as interesting now that Matt is at the promise land.

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