The Rasslin Café Podcast 23 Money in the Bank Preview


The boyz are back from the Café and we are open for business!

In podcast 23, we discuss the Undertaker, HBK, news throughout the Rasslin industry and preview money in the bank.

Yes, the PPV is over a week a way but KillaK does not want to spend father’s day editing, instead just spend time with his children and watch the MITB PPV

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The Rasslin Café podcast episode 22


This podcast was recorded on May 18th.

Big Southern, KillaK and Regis return with a podcast celebrating our one year of podcasting.

Join us as we discuss booking, money in the bank, backlash and the disabled?

The Rasslin Café Podcast EP 21


With Backlash this weekend, Big Southern and KillaK return to preview the PPV.

Listen to it and hear how Roman Reigns is compared to broccoli.

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TRC Podcast 20


Back in your ear again, it’s KillaK and BigSouthern. First we apologize for such the long hiatus.
For our return podcast, we discuss WrestleMania, The greatest royal rumble and give our thoughts on the 2018 hall of fame and much more.
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TRCEP 18 Royal Rumble preview and thoughts on Raw 25!


The Rasslin Cafe presents KillaK going solo, as he messed up and had to record it twice! Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice.

This podcast previews the royal rumble, and KillaK gives his thoughts on the 25 year celebration of Monday Night Raw.

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Happy new year! The Rasslin Cafe Podcast Episode 17!


First of all, thank you for visiting TheRasslinCafe, and we would like to wish you a happy new year!

With our first podcast of the year, we already started off with a mistake, because this is our second recording!

When we initially recorded the podcast, after the fact, we realized it didn’t record!

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The Rasslin Cafe podcast Episode 16!


The last podcast of the year for ya boys at the Rasslin Cafe!

Unfortunately, Big Southern came down with the flu but KillaK and Regis held down the fort where we discussed predictions for the Clash of the champions PPV, and gave our predictions for 2018!

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The Rasslin Cafe podcast 14 Survivor Series preview!


What up rasslin fans! Ya boys are back KillaK and Big Southern with another podcast to ruin your ear drumbs.

With #Survivor Series just around the corner, we will review the card, discuss news around the rasslin business, and we also have a new member joining us!

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